Now Offering Deep Relaxation Packages

I am now offering Deep Relaxation massage packages inspired by my travels this year in India and Hawaii.

These special healing sessions are an offering from my heart, in which I share powerful energies of deep relaxation and inner connectedness with you.

The treatments work synergistically on a physical and energetic level to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

They are resets for the nervous system; revitalizing and restorative.

As stress, anxiety, aches, pains and soreness melt away, you will find yourself transported into a different inner space. You may feel bliss, euphoria; increased calm, creativity and clarity.

Eastern Massage Package

$220 for 90 min

$280 for 2 hrs


• Guided meditation for relaxation and inner connection

• Deep tissue massage. Pressure can be adjusted to your liking

• Warm Ayurvedic herbal oil

• Heated Himalayan salt stones

Aloha Massage Package

$220 for 90 min

$280 for 2 hrs


• Guided meditation for heart healing

• 90 min Hawaiian Lomilomi massage. Optional deep tissue

• Warm aromatherapy oil, scents of tropical flowers including jasmine and ylang ylang

• Hot stones

• Hawaiian red clay lava salt foot scrub

I can provide these treatments in home as mobile mobile massage or in studio in Silicon Valley and Santa Cruz areas. Please call or text me to schedule at 617-852-6024.

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Prenatal massage is a very special modality for me.  There is the opportunity to bless both mother and baby with healing, and also receive the blessings emanating from the two.  These blessings can be so powerful that I often feel deeply touched while giving a prenatal massage.  It is a very open-hearted experience for me.

Pregnant women can be uniquely sensitive and I like to always check in to find the right pressure for each expecting mother.  Such sensitivity often continues into the postnatal stage.  For many women who have recently given birth, gentle massage offers keys to emotional and physical restoration.

Just contact me to schedule a prenatal or postnatal massage at 617-852-6024.  Or schedule online through MyTime at


Chair Massage For Business and Corporate Events

Chair massage sessions usually last about 10-20 minutes and can be offered anywhere a chair can be set up.  They offer a relaxing and refreshing oasis in a busy corporate setting.  Providing chair massages to prospective customers can also be a nice way to attract attention to your booth at a business expo.

Recently I was invited to provide chair massage at a tech conference in Silicon Valley.  Afterwards I received a lovely note from the client:

“Thanks for coming today Tamar.  It saved my life getting massaged twice by you! I’m so thankful you joined us on short notice.  I saw my team really appreciated your touch too.” Karen B., TX.

Consider adding chair massage to your business event or at your job site.  Simply contact me at 617-852-6024 to discuss the details.


Mobile Massage in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is an area where it can be hard to find really high quality massage therapy.  Clients in this region tell me that they are usually very busy, mostly with work (largely in the tech field) and often do not have time to go to a local spa or office site.  Many are craving a relaxing massage yet find themselves disappointed by the lack of consistent quality when they order massage on demand through a mobile app, sometimes dealing with appointments that don’t get filled, or getting matched with a therapist that doesn’t meet their needs.  An easy solution to this dilemma is to schedule an appointment with me directly.  

Book me for in-home massage in Palo Alto, Los Altos, San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos.

My rates are Silicon Valley mobile massage are $120 for an hr and $160 for 90 minutes.

I am a 5 star rated therapist on Yelp, Zeel and Soothe apps.  I can create a spa-like atmosphere in your home in 5 minutes, and you can enjoy a relaxing massage from a therapist you can trust.

My massage is a favorite of many CEOs and elite business people, professional sports players in the San Jose Sharks and SF 49ers, and everyone from all walks of life.

Contact me by phone or text at 617-852-6024 to book an appointment.